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Bill Meadows is a craftsman. His work is part of what is making Norton Commons one of the most sought after developments in the Louisville area. Please browse though the galleries below or visit an upcoming event to experience for yourself why Bill is the preferred builder of Norton Commons.
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Visit with Bill Meadows for a minute and you’ll learn two things:
1. He loves building homes
2. He will not let you down

Building a house is a long-term relationship. You want to make sure and pick the right partner. Someone who commits attention to every detail, both behind the walls and in front of them, and someone who guarantees their work every step of the way.
A committed construction worker and builder since college, Meadows started his company in 2008 to provide a better building experience and end-result for his clients. Before becoming a member of the Builders Guild in Norton Commons, Meadows built over 100 homes and condos as a Project Manager in Asbury Park and Norton Commons. Through it all, Meadows has become known for his strong and long-lasting relationships with clients and trusted team members. He never sacrifices quality of his homes and has spent years forging relationships who can all attest to his integrity and professionalism.
Meadows has committed his time to building affordable, environmentally friendly homes. He accomplishes this by crafting energy-efficient homes that are inspired by authentic architecture and use sustainable products and practices. By saving on the operating cost of your home house and guaranteeing an inspection by independent energy raters/consultants, a house built by Meadows means monthly utilities will be lower.

Bill Meadows Construction, LLC isn't just a preferred Norton Commons builder, he's also a neighbor.